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Angelo Cruciani, of Italian origin, has lived between Europe and Asia since 1999. He grew up in Urbino, the birthplace of Renaissance. There he attended the prestigious art school del Libro. From an early age he was fascinated by two different worlds: art and fashion. As a child he won many national art competitions, and developed an harmonious vision of his visual aesthetic. 

In 1997, he moved to Rome where he attended an Italian school of fashion. After a few months he started working for Energie and other brands of the Sixty Group and went on to work for Phard, Blue Rose Jeans and other brands between Italy and China. In this multiple experience period, his creativity was applied to the development of mass-market products. In contrast to the classic desire of fashion designers, he is not dreaming houte couture, but he prefers casual. Since the beginning he has proven to be a tireless idea-machine. Like a drug his addiction is beauty. In 2000, he returned to Italy for military service, during this period he began a collaboration with the Piero Guidi company. From 2001 to 2008 he was the Head of Style at Piero Guidi, creating the total look for men, women and children, and transformed a traditional leather goods brand into a company which is able to create trends. Since 2006 he has also been a street artist with his project entitled "Street Jesus", portraying the image of Jesus Christ in 33 locations scattered across Europe, the U.S. and China. 

Gradually, he began to shift his interest towards the art world with a series of solo and group exhibitions in Italy . In Milan in 2007, "Save Your Angel " was supported by Vittorio Sgarbi, Philippe Daverio and Tinto Brass. In 2010, his exhibition "Apokalypse" was promoted by Amnesty International for the humanism of his art. In 2009, he was the creative director of the multidisciplinary project "Misael", involving Milan, Shanghai and Cape Town . During this period, he created an experimental clothing line designed for unconventional and nonconformist people. The close collaboration with Isabelle Weiming Qian lead to the acquisition of the French brand Beauvillon, of which in 2013 he became creative director. Angelo works collaboratively and holds the influence of others in high regard , a single discipline cannot satisfy him. As a designer, he does not want to create armours that mask people but clothes that highlight the essence of those who choose to wear them. He is inspired by the concept of dreams, bringing to light the most fantastic image that everyone has of themselves: the princess for many women, the invincible knight for many men.

Immage: Manuel Scrima, 2015

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